IMCO Software Provides Visibility, Accuracy, and Control to your Manufacturing.

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Our manufacturing software solutions are transforming manufacturing companies by maximizing their efficiency and increasing their profitability. Our goal is to provide customers optimal visibility, accuracy, and control in today’s competitive manufacturing market. Our team specializes in MES Software and fixing troubled ERP Implementations.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with IMCO Software.

CIMAG MES offers a customized solution that gives us a lot of value for our money. Our Customers are really impressed with our process control and traceability. CIMAG is flexible and easy to interface with other systems."
plastic pellets of various colors
Nick G.
Project Coordinator, A. Schulman
"The Traceability module is one of the best functionalities of CIMAG MES. We were able to customize the traceability function to meet our needs for production. The software is seamlessly integrated with our ERP."
Daniele P.
QA Manager, GrafTech International
"The CIMAG MES system is flexible and adapted well to our specific needs. CIMAG MES has decreased our WIP by 40% and has established clear communication between workers."
Antoine D.
Production Manager, Hutchinson

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CIMAG MES features full ERP software integration

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