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Our MES software is fully integrated with Fishbowl’s Inventory Management System

IMCO - CIMAG MES features full ERP software integration

IMCO’s flagship product, IMCO-CIMAG MES, is a Manufacturing Execution System that dramatically enhances Shop Floor Control. 

Earlier in 2020, we released our brand new product called the Jiff-Kit. 

The Jiff-Kit was made with smaller manufacturing companies in mind. It supports up to 16 production machines, starting at $361/month (there are also one-time payments available).

We knew that a lot of smaller manufacturers are using Fishbowl for their inventory management – that’s when we decided to fully integrate our MES with Fishbowl, so manufacturers can streamline their production and increase their profits.

shop floor software solutions by IMCO-CIMAG MES the Jiff-Kit

Click here for more information on the Jiff-Kit. If you have any questions, click here to contact us today.

Cloud Hosting and Local Hosting Available for all software solutions

Flexible MES Features and Options available to meet  your company’s specific needs

Cloud-Based Hosting

IMCO Software offers our clients flexibility where it matters. We understand that some clients might prefer an MES that frees them from the worries of administering hardware, software and updates. This is why we offer a Cloud version of IMCO -CIMAG MES. If scalability is a concern, the Cloud version offers almost in real-time scale-up of your platform at no additional cost. The IMCO – CIMAG MES Cloud version runs its applications on Microsoft Azure’s global infrastructure and meets the highest security requirements of the most security-conscious user.

Locally Hosted

IMCO Software also offers our locally hosted MES application. We offer a variety of subscription plans for locally hosted applications. Our solutions provide clients with a fast and seamless transition by locally hosting IMCO – CIMAG MES. 

rapid & easy deployment with tailor made turn-key solutions

factory workers reviewing production using mes features

Fast & Easy Deployment

Our vast experience in Manufacturing and Supply Chain systems uniquely qualifies us to provide rapid and easy deployments of our MES. We offer in-depth guidance to our clients through the Analysis, Design, Construction and Cut-Over phases of the Implementation. Our Post Cut-Over support ensures a successful “go live” experience and continued post-implementation support.  

Tailor-made, Turn-key Solutions

Our exclusively flexible architecture allows us to build a customized solution around the core functionalities of IMCO – CIMAG MES.  This ensures an affordable and fast implementation of a basic system with the option of adding enhancements and modification that addresses clients’ particular needs.

Core functionalities of IMCO – CIMAG MES features include:

  • A State of the Art Scheduling Tool.
  • Unlimited number of User Fields to Master Files.
  • Unlimited number of files that can be attached to Master Files.
  • Up and down Traceability of materials, personnel, shifts, machines and tools.
  • A strong interaction with Quality Control and Maintenance.
  • Real-Time communication capabilities throughout the company

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