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Machine Learning for Decision Making & Problem Solving

IMCO Software uses cutting edge machine learning logic to run analytics to identify the best combination to run a process as well as to accurately predict maintenance events enabling advanced planning. This technology combines data acquisition and machine learning processing on one single platform.

IMCO Computer Learning software learns and predicts process anomalies and equipment failures before unplanned downtime occurs. Computer Learning software makes machines smarter by learning the behavior of critical assets, predicting operational and maintenance events, improving production planning, performance and efficiency.

machine learning module applied to metal fabrication and cutting

Components of IMCO Machine Learning include:

  • Real-time Analytics & Machine Learning on Edge
  • Full Visibility of maintenance events side by side with the production schedule
  • IIoT open platform for Industrial Assets
  • Full integration with IMCO – CIMAG MES
  • Video recording
  • Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Big Data Historian
  • Remote Access capabilities
  • Offline Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Transfer Learning

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