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Affordability is an issue of the past with Jiff-Kit

Full-version IMCO-CIMAG MES ready to run

Jiff-Kit is designed and affordably priced with smaller businesses in mind, but it doesn’t skimp on power. This is the same full-version IMCO-CIMAG MES used by large manufacturing operations. Jiff-Kit comes conveniently pre-loaded on a mini-desktop, as a complete, turnkey system. It includes all of the hardware and software necessary to bring full shop floor control to a small manufacturer. Jiff-Kit features native Fishbowl and QuickBooks integration, as well as all of the necessary training to be able to install, run, and start reaping the benefits right away. Just connect your machines to the Jiff-Kit, plug it in, and take full control of your shop floor.

Take control of your shop floor today!


The Jiff-Kit comes pre-installed with our MES software – IMCO-CIMAG MES. It includes all features of the software, in a smaller package! For more information on the features of IMCO-CIMAG MES, click the button below.

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