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Delivers Comprehensive Support for all Types of Manufacturing Industries

Metal & Metal Fabrication

Metal & Metal Fabrication
Suited for continuous, batch, and discrete processes, CIMAG MES has the flexibility and easy adaptability to optimize production in the Metal Industry.

Food & Beverage

CIMAG MES incorporates Analog and Digital Sensors. These sensors enable Food and Beverage manufacturers to have better control of their manufacturing process.

Chemical and Plastics

CIMAG MES’ strong Genealogy capabilities empower you to comply with the strictest Government and Private Customers traceability requirements. This opens exciting business opportunities that might not have been available in the past to keep your company on the cutting edge of technology.

Automotive, Aerospace, & Medical Devices

Maximize your Quality Assurance and Control with the capabilities of CIMAG MES. Innovative customized options include comprehensive Up and Down Traceability for tracking of Materials, Personnel, Machines, and Tools. 

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