Customized Energy Management System (EMS) integrated with CIMAG MES

This EMS software is able to help Manufacturers:

  • Increase Energy Efficiency and Overall Productivity
  • Balance Production
  • Determine Best Energy Source Combination for Operations
  • Track Water Consumption & C02 Footprint

Our EMS module allows supervisors’ and managers’ to view consumption data, like usage and analytics, in real time. The information can be displayed on managers’ and supervisors’ computers via a dashboard.  This consumption data shows the manager a visual breakdown of each machine. Seeing this information in real-time helps managers and supervisors:

  • Save Energy and Avoid High Peak Rates
  • Control Water Usage
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions

These considerations are important and help minimize costs. Another key feature our EMS Module offers is the ability to run “What If” scenario analyses. These scenarios provide the answer to what is the best energy source combination for operations and the worthiness of investing in an alternative source. The following is an example of an online “What If” comparison available in our EMS:

Assuming the numbers above represent weekly outlays, this company would save $1,000.00/week switching from electricity to gas for this particular aspect of their operation. Those savings will need to be put in perspective by bringing into the equation the cost of the investment needed to make the switch.

Investing in EMS Modules like the one offered by IMCO Software shows consumers your company cares about the planet. Establishing this type of reputation should be one of the primary objectives for every operations’ manager.

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