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Ruben Mirensky IMCO Software Leadership and developer

Ruben Mirensky
President & CEO, IMCO Software

Ruben Mirensky has an MBA from NYIT specializing in Management of Information Systems.

Mirensky has managed successful global implementation projects in North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim. Mirensky has held successive corporate level positions at various Fortune 100 Companies.

Mirensky has a special ability for problem solving and finding work-around solutions. His advice is sought by CEO's of major corporations world-wide.

Ruben Mirensky has been the CEO of IMCO Software since 1999. He serves as Vice President of the Jacksonville APICS chapter and is a member of First Coast Manufacturing Association.

Pierre Bornand

Pierre Bornand holds an Engineer Diploma from ECAM Lyon as well as an MBA from Lyon’s School of Business.

Bornand is a well-respected visionary who started his career working on R&D and software embedded solutions. He continued his professional career managing a multitude of MES projects in France, followed by many more years managing MES projects in Europe, Asia and North America.

Bornand is one of Europe’s most renowned experts in MES applications. Top corporate executives throughout Europe seek his advice on how to improve shop floor control.

Pierre Bornand has been the CEO of Alpha-3i since 2011.

Our Vision

IMCO Software aims to transform manufacturing companies by maximizing efficiency and profitability with our affordable modular Shop Floor Control Software. Our goal is to provide customers optimal Visibility, Accuracy, and Control in today's competitive manufacturing market.

About us

Our vast experience in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Systems uniquely qualifies us to provide rapid and easy deployments of our MES. In December 2016, we partnered with European based ALPHA-3i, developer of the CIMAG suite of products. IMCO Software launched CIMAG in the U.S to promote Industry 4.0. automation across the manufacturing space.