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IMCO - CIMAG Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Manufacturing is not a “one size fits all” industry when it comes to software technologies. Small to midsized manufacturers should be able to have access to customized solutions just like large corporations do. IMCO Software makes this possible for manufacturers of any size.

Designed with smaller businesses in mind, IMCO – CIMAG MES helps manufacturers become more productive, increase efficiency, and lower costs. 

Take your company to the next level with IMCO – CIMAG MES 

IMCO - CIMAG MES Value Proposition

Reduces Scrap and Rework by:

  • Real Time Communication of QC Issues
  • Automatic Adjustment to QC Fields
  • Avoiding errors through Preventative Maintenance

Enhances Traceability by:

  • Tracing down to Materials, Personnel, and Tools
  •  Providing Up and Down Traceability

Increases Uptime by:

State of the Art Scheduling Tools
  • Minimize Idle Time
  • Reduce Setup and Disassembly Time
  • Improve Materials and Components Staging
  • Alerts of Conflicts: People, Machines, and Tools
Real Time Visibility of the Shop Floor
  • Alerts to Machines not Producing
  • Alerts to Machines that Stopped
  • Real Time Communication with Maintenance

Lowers Costs by:

Improving Operations Liability
  • Realistic, Up-to-date Production Schedule
  • Reducing Response Time to Issues
  • Reducing Working Capital Tied Up in Inventory
  • Real Time Visibility across the entire company
Improving Customer Service
  • Improving OTIF (On Time in Full Delivery)
  • Providing Customers Reliable Delivery Dates

Experience Real Time Visibility like never before with our Global Monitoring

IMCO - CIMAG MES is a State of the Art Shop Floor Control System that meets all 14 ISO requirements

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