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MES: Why you need one if you manufacture anything

IMCO Software has created an elegant solution that improves efficiency and profitability in manufacturing by giving manufacturing decision-makers real-time information about the current conditions on their shop floors and enables control of the many moving parts in the manufacturing process. This includes control of inputs, scheduling personnel, controlling machines, coordinating support services, managing inventory, processing orders, and providing visibility and traceability at their fingertips.

5 Uses For Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

5 Uses for Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Augmented Reality, also known as AR, is a newer technology that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world. It is integrating with our daily lives at a steady pace, and there is no telling where it could go. Right now, there are apps, like Pokemon GO,

Lean Manufacturing – An Overview of the Process

Lean Manufacturing – An Overview of the Process Lean manufacturing is a manufacturing methodology that focuses on streamlining the manufacturing process. The goal with it is to minimize waste – things that don’t add value to the company (from the customer’s perspective). There are 7 deadly wastes that need to be minimized: Overproduction Overproduction is

OEE — All You Need to Know

OEE – All You Need to Know What is OEE? Let’s start off with the basics. In short, OEE is your Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Those words alone don’t tell you much though. Your OEE is a percentage that represents how well you’re performing. A 100% OEE would mean that “you are manufacturing only good parts,