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MES Enhanced Traceability: A Manufacturing Industry Game Changer


One of the most important needs of leading manufacturing companies is Traceability. In-depth tracking, or Enhanced Traceability, is one of the core features of Manufacturing Execution Systems. This type of enhanced tracking is not as user-friendly in Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Traceability in most ERP’s gives businesses the option to only track materials and goods. It’s one of the reasons why it’s important to implement MES into your current ERP system. The Traceability Module within IMCO – CIMAG MES is able to track raw materials, work centers, tools, and personnel with a user-friendly interface. This comprehensive tracking system can improve the overall Data Management for the manufacturer. 

Data management and Traceability go hand in hand for a successful operation. The importance of proper traceability is essential for complying with government regulations and standards. That is why it’s surprising some manufacturers still track stages of production manually through Excel spreadsheets or notebooks. Traceability modules like the one available in IMCO – CIMAG MES give companies the option to organize data across an automated network.

The best part of this enhanced form of Traceability is the fact it can be done in Real-Time. This is because the information is available as soon as your production floor prints out a label and scans it into the computer system. It makes tracking information like conflicts involving a specific work order even simpler for management. A supervisor is able to enter or search the work order number through a search engine type of list on the computer. Afterwards, all of the related product components show up for them to analyze at the click of a button. It is that simple. Maybe there was a piece of metal stuck from a previous project in the machine or perhaps the last laborer did not correctly complete the cleanup. The issue can easily be determined after viewing the reports and utilizing the Traceability Module. This MES software is able to trace all variables related to the problem in Real-Time. It can pinpoint the issue down to the raw materials, the operator of the machine, or to a specific tool used to create the product.

Also, having a search engine to track all variables is great if you need to perform both forward and backward tracking. This helps company’s stay in compliance with government practices and standards. Identifying and resolving issues quickly can prevent paying substantial fines. The ability to perform forward or backward tracking is an impressive feature offered in this module. Customer satisfaction can also be affected by traceability. Keeping data organized through automation makes it easier to resolve any conflicts with finished products.

A Traceability Module like the one in IMCO – CIMAG MES makes finding all involved goods faster if a recall needs to be completed. The manager can go into the module and enter or search the component number associated with the damaged product. Once that search is completed, all of the work orders that used that specific component are displayed. This is a quick process compared to alternative methods of sorting through files and documents, which can sometimes take days! Seamlessly being able to perform these searches at the click of a button makes the turnaround time for a recall fast and accurate.

This is why IMCO – CIMAG MES Traceability Module is a manufacturing industry game changer. It provides an amazing opportunity for a company to improve their data management. Utilizing a Traceability Module like IMCO’s gives the ability to achieve tracking results like never before. It helps optimize machine usage and efficiency by having the ability to track problems at the click of a button. Creating faster resolutions can result in increased machine productivity and satisfied customers. Contact us today for more information about IMCO – CIMAG MES and its Traceability Module, or feel free to request a demo.

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