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How this uniquely crafted MES software, featured in Modern Metals, can help businesses stay ahead in today’s competitive Manufacturing Environment

CEO of IMCO Software, Ruben Mirensky, recently was featured in Modern Metals Magazine talking about his company’s uniquely crafted MES product, IMCO – CIMAG MES.

IMCO – CIMAG MES software is changing the way leading manufacturers operate. While speaking with Corina Petry from Modern Metals, Mirensky highlighted why integrating a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) like his into your company’s current production plan is a smart move. IMCO CIMAG-MES provides scheduling optimization, real-time visibility of production, updated features for traceability, and enhanced communication throughout the business. 

One of the most impressive features of IMCO – CIMAG MES is its State of the Art Scheduling module. New age manufacturing companies should not have to rely on post-it notes or Excel spreadsheet schedules. IMCO – CIMAG MES scheduling allows your business to focus on one thing: optimizing production performance and efficiency. In Modern Metals Magazine Mirensky stated that most of their clients have been able to achieve better than 90 percent Production to Schedule Attainment. How? The IMCO – CIMAG MES Scheduling module provides visual alerts to conflicts ahead of time, allowing remedial actions with minimum impact to uptime. These alerts can be viewed in real time by the entire company! If the current operation needs to be moved from one machine to another, supervisors are able to make changes at the click of a button. If the change made impacts other work orders or other customer commitments, it will clearly be seen on the scheduling screens. This keeps production on track and increases productivity.

The Real-Time flow of information provided by IMCO – CIMAG MES between the shop floor and the Quality Control department helps reduce scrap and rework. Most IMCO Software clients have been able to achieve more than 30 percent reduction of scrap and rework. IMCO CIMAG-MES provides more than just alerts, it also offers real-time monitoring of the entire production floor, enhancing communication between Production, Management, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Maintenance, and Operations. It allows supervisors to track the progress and status of all work areas and production. Real-Time visibility helps reduce costs and increase productivity.

Manufacturing Execution Systems like IMCO – CIMAG MES is the link your company might be missing to achieve manufacturing excellence. It is the essential link that connects Supply Chain, Management, and Manufacturing together.

IMCO – CIMAG MES stands out amongst its MES competitors because it’s the only one that incorporates an Energy Management System module and a Computer Learning module. The Energy Management Module will help reduce energy costs and comply with government environmental requirements regarding CO2 emissions and water consumption. The Computer Learning module will dramatically help reduce maintenance costs by accurately predicting preemptive and preventive maintenance.

Implementing this MES software will give your company the advantage to become competitive, relevant, and profitable in today’s economy.

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