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Why choose IMCO - CIMAG MES?

IMCO - CIMAG MES can satisfy a variety of industry-specific needs. Our team of experts has over 130 years of combined experience in Manufacturing. This knowledge enables us to design, build, and implement solutions that match your company’s unique requirements. IMCO Software is the sole representative of  CIMAG in the United States. Our vast Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, and Information Technology expertise allow us to provide comprehensive solutions. These include Analysis, Design, Construction, and Implementation of IMCO - CIMAG MES from a functional and a technological perspective. We supply turnkey solutions that include hardware, software, training and post-implementation support.


"IMCO - CIMAG MES offers a customizable solution that we use in our sites in EMEA and APAC, giving us a lot of value for our money. Our customers are really impressed with our process control and traceability. IMCO has lead to a serious improvement in first pass production .It's flexible and easy to interface with other systems."

Nick G., Project Coordinator

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One of the best functionalities is the traceability module. It allows us to keep a specific kind of traceability for our production. The software also has a seamless interaction with the ERP."

- Daniele P., QA Manager

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"The IMCO - CIMAG MES system is flexible and adapted well to our specific needs. It is very easy to extract data and export in other computing systems. IMCO - CIMAG MES has decreased our WIP by 40% and has established clear communication between workers."

- Antoine D., Production Manager






Providing Real-Time Visibility - Accuracy - Control

IMCO CIMAG is an innovative, powerful, state of the art modular software package that redefines Manufacturing Execution Systems’ (MES) technology. It makes it possible to deliver relevant accurate information in real time to increase profit, productivity, and efficiency. IMCO CIMAG - MES is available both locally or cloud hosted.
• Save time, increase efficiency
   Easy to use, seamlessly integrated software solution.
• Increase Productivity and Competitiveness
   Control production orders from scheduling through dispatching.
• Save Money
   Optimize scheduling, reduce rework, scrap, and downtime.
• Industry-Specific Features
   Industry-specific customizable modules.
• Integrates with any ERP System
   Technology that can stand alone or easily bolts on to your existing ERP system.

Other Software Solutions Offered

In addition to our vast expertise with IMCO CIMAG - MES, IMCO has a proven track record in the ERP/SCM/WMS software implementation space. We provide seamlessly integrated software solutions for complex manufacturing and supply chain issues.

The IMCO team, with more than 130 years of combined manufacturing and supply chain management experience, understands the complex software needs of a variety of industries. Serving a range of manufacturing companies from discrete to process as well as wholesale and retail distributors, IMCO can help maximize ERP, SCM, and WMS solutions.

IMCO will work with your team through the Analysis, Design, Construction and Cutover phases of the project as well as providing post-implementation “go-live” support.



Real-Time Solutions

  • • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • • Reduce cycle time and delays
  • • Reduce inventory overages
  • • Increase operator efficiency
  • • Improve quality and productivity